Get Rid of Asthma – Nutrition For Asthma  

For 21 days follow a raw fruit diet with vegetable salad perhaps once a day. Include 1/2 cup of seeds, olives, half to a whole avocado and cold pressed vegetable oils every day. Use the cold pressed oil with lemon juice or MSG free soy sauce as a deliciously healthy salad dressing.

In order to get the essential amino acid ‘Histidine’ be sure to include alfalfa sprouts, apples, beetroots (raw, grate them finely immediately before eating), carrots, celery, cucumbers, endives, papayas, pineapples and pomegranates in your menu.

Organic sodium is found in squash, cucumber, melons and papayas. After 21 days have a raw broth made by placing the green leaves of vegetables, stems such as celery and root vegetables in a blender. Add water and sprinkle in some vegetable stock for flavour. Gently heat – but do not boil. Never use salt.

Gradually introduce baked or steamed vegetables and, as you strengthen, begin introducing more items to your menu. Have protein and carbohydrates at separate meals as protein hinders the digestion of carbohydrate causing it to ferment and produce alcohol, ammonia, and acetic acid.

Go slowly, so that if you do have a reaction you will be able to pinpoint exactly what triggered off the attack. Remain on a 75% raw plant diet, preferably vegan (no animal products at all) as that has brought about a dramatic improvement for many people. Fruit and green leafy vegetables are ideal.

Cereals must be oat or rice based. Mid afternoon, have a grated stewed apple with cinnamon/clove, or half an avocado to prevent cravings for sweets or crisps. Perhaps a bowl of vegetable broth or chicken soup for dinner?

Begin your day with a glass of boiled purified water and sip at least one litre throughout the day. Bathe every evening and add a generous handful of both Epsom and Glauber’s salts to warm water. Rinse the neck and shoulders each morning in cold water. If you can, immerse the whole body in a bath of cold water in the morning.

Eat your main meal of the day at lunch time.

It is important to take unsaturated oils and vitamins A and D to improve the lining of the respiratory tract. Cod liver oil is ideal. To satisfy a taste for oily food, bake or dry-fry till cooked, then toss in sunflower or olive oil.

Goats/ewes milk and cheese are normally tolerated, failing that, try soya milk and cheese. If these appeal, use as a substitute for dairy products.

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