You Must Not Skip These Steps When You Move To A New Office

Within two months before moving offices, immediately design a new office plan to determine where to place the work desk, cabinets, furniture, and other equipment. If possible, also adjust the plan for the telephone, internet, and internal cable networks. In this way, all large objects can be placed directly in the destination without having to be moved again. Additionally, make plans to install a computer or server. Confirm it with the IT department to be able to do this so that on the day everything goes smoothly. Meanwhile, you may also need to hire Door to Door Cargo services if you need to move your office items from the UK to Pakistan.

Then, notify the outsourcer about the plan to terminate the subscription. Do you use company services (outsourcing) such as for security, cleaning, garden maintenance, etc.? Make sure you inform the termination of your subscription before you move to a new office two months before moving offices. Also, contact the owner of your new office regarding storage services for goods in the warehouse to store important documents. If available, just move these items to a new place first.

Furthermore, make an inventory list for 1 month before moving offices. It is very important to label all office assets so that no assets are lost or exchanged between departments. You can use a color-coding system to make it easier to distinguish office assets between different departments. Or you can also use the services of a moving company that is usually experienced with these things. This service is generally very useful for large-scale office transfers (which have more than 1000 employees).

Finally, if your employees pack their desks, make sure that they have the necessary equipment such as boxes, solutions, and labels to name goods. For items that are easily damaged during the trip, prepare bubble wrap or even special wooden packing. If you have more budget, you can also use the services of a moving company to use goods packing services when moving offices. Usually provides all the items such as bubble wrap, blanket, and fully wooden pack to ensure that all company items are safely delivered to their destination.

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